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Pricing Schedule

Pricing for our Services:


Visit 1:  Initial Exam/Consultation (1 hour)                          $259.00
  •  Includes an introduction to chiropractic care


Visit 2:  Report of findings with doctor’s recommendations     $99.00
  • Includes an introduction to supportive therapies (1 hour)  



Adjustment appointment (20 minutes)                                   $45.00 
  • Includes cold laser and soft tissue work




No-Shot Allergy Therapy

Adult pricing (+15years)                                                     $100.00               (24 sessions required) (1 hour)

Package pricing must be paid up front                                 $2040.00

    Savings of $360.00


Child pricing (-15 years)                                                       $70.00                 (24 sessions required) (40 min)

Package pricing must be paid up front                                 $1320.00

    Savings of $360.00


Family pricing available for joint sessions




No-Shot Allergy Treatments Include All of the Following:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Cold Laser
  • Soft Tissue Work
  • NAET
  • Color Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Ionic Cellular Detoxification




Nutritional Recheck (scheduled every 30 days)                      $25.00

No charge for scans that are part of a regular office visit

Supporting Therapies:

Pulse Center/Cellular Rejuvenation – PEMF                      $1.00/minute

  • Includes Essential Oil Therapy


Package pricing must be paid up front                                $450.00                  (10 one hour sessions)

    Savings of $150.00




Micro-current Non-surgical Facelift (40 min)                       $125.00                  (10 sessions required)

Package pricing must be paid up front                              $1100.00

This package may not be shared 

    Savings of $150.00




Micro-current Scar Tissue Session (30 min)                         $40.00




Whole Body Vibration (10 min)                                           $15.00


Package pricing must be paid up front                               $100.00                   (10 sessions)

This package may be shared

    Savings of $50.00



Ionic Cellular Cleanse (30 min)                                          $25.00


Package pricing must be paid up front                               $200.00

This package may be shared  

    Savings of $50.00




Whole Body Vibration (10 min)                                          $15.00


Package pricing must be paid up front                              $100.00                (10 sessions)

Nutritional supplements, homeopathics, bioidentical hormones and essential oils are priced separately from services and will vary from month to month depending on your needs.


Comprehensive Blood Work with Urinalysis (LabCorp)         $398.00

Not covered by insurance

You will be provided with a lab report from LabCorp as well as a

Functional Health Evaluation containing recommendations for

diet and lifestyle modifications.



Saliva Testing (                                              $235.00

 Not covered by insurance


You will be provided with the Lab Report, Analysis, and Recommendations

for balancing your hormones with the highest quality bioidenticals.



Blood Type Test Kit                                                          $25.00

 For home use




Free Radical Urinalysis                                                      $30.00

 For home use

 Includes two tests to be used before and after treatment

  by same individual



*Mobile Thermography Imaging (MTI)


Provided in office one day per month as a convenience. Ask for upcoming schedule and specials.

Not covered by insurance

Thermography is a completely non-invasive clinical imaging procedure. There is no compression of delicate tissue and no radiation exposure.

Thermography is a 3-5 year earlier detection than the standard mammogram. Results are reported by certified medical doctors and include all colored images taken during your





*MTI is a separate company from Meadows Family Chiropractic.  For more information visit their website at