Meadows Family Chiropractic

Dr. Carmen Meadows


Supporting and encouraging

maximum health

for you and your family

through holistic wellness care



Welcome to our home page.  You will find the services we offer and discover "healthful" information.  Serving your health needs is our passion. Our goal is to empower you and your family to reach your maximum health potential. 

We support this goal through chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, detoxification, allergy treatments, education and much more.  We work with families-newborn through geriatric.

Following an evaluation of your overall health, Dr. Carmen Meadows will discuss a plan for you and your family to obtain maximum wellness.  She will encourage you to participate in any number of challenges, events, recipe nights, advanced workshops, and more all designed to help you easily and effectively apply health and wellness principles to your life.

With your full participation, we can partner together to help you achieve your goal whether it is symptom relief, corrective care or total wellness.  Meadows Family Chiropractic is looking forward to working with your family.
Our site is designed to introduce you to our office, staff and procedures.  As a subscriber you will be able to reorder supplements and other products for delivery or pick-up.  You will also find new patient forms to print off and fill out at home.  This is a great time saver and recommended for all new patients.
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